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Baby pyjamas

Baby pyjamas

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Baby nightwear

Babies need lots of sleep to grow and develop. Therefore it’s very important that they sleep well during the night or during naps. Koeka aims to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible in the baby nightwear items. The baby pyjamas are made of soft cotton and have a great fit. As a bonus they make your baby look adorable while they sleep.

Sleeping bags

You don’t want your baby to get too cold or too warm during their sleep. Koeka offers sleeping bags for all seasons, with and without sleeves. Find the perfect sleeping bag for your baby to let her/him sleep comfortably. 


Aside from baby pyjamas and sleeping bags, bedding items are an important factor in the quality of your baby’s sleep. To give you a complete range of sleeping items for your baby Koeka has developed an extensive range of baby bedding products. Have a look at Koeka’s sheets, duvet covers and blankets to make your baby’s bed complete.

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