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Pacifier cloths

Pacifier cloths

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Pacifier cloths

Koeka's flagship product, the pacifier cloth, is the perfect accessory for your baby. It easily attaches to the pacifier and will keep your baby entertained. Another advantage is that it makes the pacifier easy to find in the diaper bag or when it's been dropped. The baby pacifier cloth is available in multiple colours and two lovely different designs.

Burp cloths

Combine the pacifier cloth with a matching burp cloth. They are designed to fit perfectly over the shoulder to protect your clothes. Making burping a more comfortable experience for you and your baby.

Bodysuits & sleeping bags

After the feeding and burping it might be time for a nice nap. If your baby is wearing one of our lovely bodysuits there's no need for him or her to get changed. The bodysuits are designed to be comfortable for your baby to sleep in as well. If it's bit too cold you can slip a sleeping bag over the bodysuit. They will keep your baby warm and cozy.

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