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Koeka goes organic

We are aware of the environmental and health benefits by using organic cotton for our products. Therefore our design and buying team focusses on developing more sustainable products.  

So we are proud to announce the introduction of of our new line made from organic cotton: Dijon organic

‘We design and make products for babies and with that in mind we also think of their future and what we can do to safeguard it. By working together with new producers it is now possible to gradually introduce organic cotton in our range. 

We are happy to be able to work towards a better future and a healthier world.’ - Maragreth de Haas (founder)

Koeka cares

Because of our attention to sustainability we strive to develop functional, durable products of a high quality standard, which therefore last several years.

Our products need secure wrapping and nowadays we use mainly PE, as this is less harmful for the environment & well-being. Together with the introduction of our new logo in January 2019, we also launched new labels and hang tags on our products. All these new hang tags are made from FSC paper. At the same time, we are also busy replacing our paper inlays from regular paper to FCS paper.

We’ll always search for opportunities to improve


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