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Safe Sleeping

How to choose your blanket step by step

Koeka has made an overview for you, indicating the warmth of Koeka blankets, so that you can buy a suitable blanket for every season. We use the TOG rating system to indicate the warmth of the blanket. The room temperature is also a defining factor. The ideal room temperature in a sleeping room is between 16º-18º. Follow steps 1 through 4 for the best choice in your specific situation!

Which Koeka blanket do I need?


Is it during the colder months or during the warmer season? Choose the right blanket in the
overview below. Keep in mind that you will need a blanket for the following season also.


A bodysuit + baby onepiece are approximate 1 TOG. Remember to add these items to the TOG value of your blanket to determine the total TOG value. 



Add all of the TOG values and approach the TOG value that is preferable for the season.

TOG what?

Each blanket or sleeping bag has its own specific thermal resistance, otherwise known as TOG. A safe standard has been determined by VeiligheidNL for babies in the age group below 2 for warm and cold season (plus room temperature). A safe TOG equals safe sleeping.

TOG how?

A low valued TOG blanket is suitable for relatively warm temperatures. A high valued TOG blanket is suitable for colder temperatures. 
See the steps on the right to determine which blankets are most suitable for your baby. Do you prefer a bassinet blanket to start and a cot blanket for next season? Keep in mind in which season you are due for choosing the right blanket regarding average room temperatures. Check which TOG values correspond with your environment. Don’t forget to take sleepwear and sheets into account. 
Add all textile layers to determine the total TOG value. Make sure not to exceed the safe TOG standard for your specific environment.

The maximum cumulative TOG value per season:

  • Cold season: TOG 2.5 till maximum 4.0* at a room temperature of 15º<18º
  • Warm season: total TOG 2.5 at a room temperature of 18º<22º
* You may add layers to a maximum of 4.0 TOG in case your baby is cold (cold neck or feet).

TOG why?

Did you know ...

  • the preferable room temperature in a sleeping room will be between 16º - 18º?
  • there is a simple method to check if your baby is feeling comfortable? Feel the neck of your baby; this shouldn’t feel cold or clammy. In case of doubt, just check the feet; these shouldn’t feel cold either.
  • it’s ok for the baby to have cold hands while sleeping? It’s not a relevant signal to determine the comfort of your baby.
  • a sweaty baby is never a good sign? Remove a layer or take off some clothing.
  • babies lose heat through their heads? Unless instructed otherwise by your midwife, do not cover your baby’s head when he / she is sleeping.
  • the teddy lined koeka blankets can be used in 2 ways?

Option A:
Use the blanket on the width side during the first 3 months. This way the bed can be made shorter in length,from shoulder till toes. Do NOT apply the blanket double folded, as this will increase the TOG value!

Option B:
Use the blanket on the length side after those 3 months. Do NOT apply the blanket double folded,as this will increase the TOG value!

Keep in mind your baby will be sleeping in a cot for about four years. Depending on the season you will use warmer or colder blankets.


Do you still have difficulties to choose? Or do you have any other questions? Please ask us for advice.

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