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Koeka endeavours to ensure that the product details it provides on its website are as accurate as possible. If, despite this, an item fails to live up to your expectations, it can be exchanged or returned.


At Koeka, a return is an item that was ordered, but is sent back and the customer does not wish to receive a different product in exchange.


Koeka has its own complaints department. Click on Complaints for further information.

Viewing period

You can exchange or return your order within 14 days after receiving the return number from us. Within 14 days after receiving the goods you have to applicate the return at Koeka. Koeka will regard the date that the carrier delivered the product as the date on which it was received. Within that period, you will have time to view and/or try on the item, unless stated otherwise.

Reporting returns

Please fill in the return form that you can find on the shipping list that you got with your order. Specify in your message:

- the order number
- your name and address
- the reason of return

All you then need to do is to return the items, within 14 days, by mail to Koeka's warehouse address. Exchanges are subject to a number of terms and conditions. Please therefore read the General Terms and Conditions very carefully.

Return adress

OTX Logistics BV
o.v.v. Koeka Retouren 
Airborne Avenue 65
2133 LV Hoofddorp 

Instead of filling out the return form, the European standard form for withdrawal can be used.

Terms and Conditions for Exchanges and Returns

You may only exchange or return items that were purchased from the Koeka webshop.

  • Once your order has been delivered, you have 14 days in which to exchange or return the products. Once that period has elapsed, the purchase will be deemed to be permanent.
  • If you're returning something to us it's important that it is packaged correctly so that it does not get damaged during transit. We therefore suggest that you package the item in its original packaging (assuming that you have the packaging and it is still intact).Where it's not possible to use the original packaging, please ensure that the goods are sufficiently packaged and cushioned to protect against any reasonable shocks, puncturing, scratching or damage that may occur during carriage, handing and/or sorting.
  • Please leave the labels attached to an item you bought. The labels may only be removed if the product because of the labels are not properly reviewed and / or can be fitted.
  • The cost and risk incurred by sending items by post shall be borne by the purchaser. You can decide for yourself if you send it with a track and trace number.
  • In the case of returns, (cancellation of the purchase of one or several items) the amount to be repaid (product price) will be transferred back to your account within 14 days. The 14 days begin from the moment the product has arrived at the webshop or from the moment the buyer indicates to return the product.
  • Returns may only be sent to our P.O. Box address.

What does Koeka do if customers fail to abide by the conditions outlined above?

  • If no or insufficient postage is affixed to the return package, we will be obliged to apply charges. You would then be charged an administration fee of €4.95 plus the costs that the carrier charged to us in order to deliver your unfranked package to us (from €14.00). This means that you will be asked to pay at least €18.95. Those costs will be deducted from the credit note for the items submitted for exchange.
  • Any returns that are posted outside of the return period will not be accepted.

If you foresee a situation that may potentially cause a problem, please contact our Customer service department as soon as possible.

After the goods have been received by Koeka

Once we have received your returned order, we will send you an e-mail to confirm receipt. We will then re-credit the relevant amount to the account from which the purchase was paid for.

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