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Changing mat cover Berlin

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The changing mat cover is the most used care product in the baby room. The Stockholm changing mat cover is the perfect item to let your dresser shine. Choose one of the stylish colors that suit your nursery room and change your baby in style. The top, where your child is lying, is provided with nice soft terry so that your child feels comfortable while changing. The sides of the changing pad cover are finished with jacquard structure which gives it a stylish look. The cover is made of stretchy material and provided with elastic straps making it easy to do the changing pad.

Tip: Suitable changing cushions that fit the Basel cover can be ordered online, for example from the brand Bébé-jou.

To complete the styling of your baby room you can easily combine the cover with a crib or cot blanket from the Stockholm line.

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We strive to develop functional, durable products of a high quality standard, which therefore last several years. For that reason, the majority of our products carry the ökotex label. Ökotex certification guarantees a certain level of health safety. For instance; it guarantees the materials to be free of harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium & benzene or arsenic. Ökotex 100 Level 1- is the highest possible rating which is therefore valid for the most fragile group; babies & children. For our baby & care products, this is our standard. The materials are tested on a yearly basis.

For our Home products, we use more delicate yarns & special washings, which therefore do not always fall under the same umbrella. Nevertheless, all the factories we work with are Ökotex-certified for their working conditions. Our factories are chosen thoroughly. Close contact & frequent visits ensure a solid process. Our products, with only few exceptions, are made in Europe; In fabrics where the working conditions comply with the law. The working conditions are according the standards of the local legislation. We don’t accept bad working conditions & child labour is (off course) not negotiable.

Our products need secure wrapping to ensure the products arrive to our consumers as clean & fresh as possible. Plastic wrapping is still the best way to arrange this. In the past we’ve used PVC packaging, as this is very durable. Nowadays this is adjusted to be mainly PE, as this is less harmful for the environment & well-being. We’ll always search for opportunities to improve.

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Changing mat cover Berlin
Changing mat cover Berlin
€ 54.95
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