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Burp cloths

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Burp cloths

Use a baby burp cloth to protect your clothing after feeding your baby. Designed to fit over your shoulder perfectly they're a real must have. Our burp cloths are made of the softest terry fabric for maximum comfort for your little one. Also available in many different colours so it can match, for example, with your outfit.


A bib is an essential item in taking care of baby. They protect your baby's clothes while drooling, or when they're being fed. Bibs are especially handy when your little one starts eating by him/herself and it gets messy. Herefore we have especially designed a bib with sleeves to protect as much of your little one's clothing as possible. They also have two snap fasteners so it can grow with your baby.

Changing mat covers & playpen accessories

In taking care of your baby you can't go with a soft and machine washable changing mat cover. It's comfortable for your baby to lay on and will protect the changing mat itself. Other essentials for your baby are playpen accessories such as a playpen mat. It will provide a lovely soft surface for your baby to play on. A playpen bumper will protect your baby from the barriers. The beautiful designs and many available colours will make your playpen.

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