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Koeka bedding for bassinets, cots and single beds.


Cot blanket Porto
Cot blanket Porto Item no. 1063/44-045
  € 79,95
Baby blanket Porto
Baby blanket Porto Item no. 1063/44-044
  € 54,95
Blanket Elba Tape
Blanket Elba Tape Item no. 1056/44-057
  € 44,95
Blanket Elba Lace
Blanket Elba Lace Item no. 1056/44-056
  € 44,95
Blanket Elba teddy
Blanket Elba teddy Item no. 1056/44-054
  € 59,95
Bassinet blanket Valencia
Bassinet blanket Valencia Item no. 1051/44-040
  € 54,95
Bassinet blanket waffle/flannel Antwerp
  € 44,95
Blanket  Vizela
Blanket Vizela Item no. 1053/44-038
  € 49,95
Blanket teddy Vizela
Blanket teddy Vizela Item no. 1053/44-035
  € 69,95
Bassinet blanket waffle/teddy Oslo
Bassinet blanket waffle/teddy Oslo Item no. 1015/44-020
  € 49,95
Cot blanket Valencia
Cot blanket Valencia Item no. 1051/44-041
  € 79,95
Cot blanket Vizela
Cot blanket Vizela Item no. 1053/44-039
  € 74,95
Cot blanket waffle/flannel Antwerp
Cot blanket waffle/flannel Antwerp Item no. 1015/44-011
  € 64,95
2-Piece cot blanket waffle Amsterdam
  € 74,95
Cot blanket waffle/teddy Oslo
Cot blanket waffle/teddy Oslo Item no. 1015/44-021
  € 74,95
Single blanket waffle/teddy Oslo
Single blanket waffle/teddy Oslo Item no. 1015/44-022
  € 99,95

Duvet Covers

Duvet cover Wish
Duvet cover Wish Item no. 1038/40-100
  € 52,50
Duvet cover Stitch
Duvet cover Stitch Item no. 1038/40-072
  € 54,95
Duvet cover Two Tone
Duvet cover Two Tone Item no. 1033/40-077
  € 54,95
Duvet cover Sweet heart
Duvet cover Sweet heart Item no. 1033/40-070
  € 54,95
Duvet cover Antwerp (single)
Duvet cover Antwerp (single) Item no. 1015/40-106
  € 99,95
Duvet cover Antwerp Blowball
Duvet cover Antwerp Blowball Item no. 1015/40-078
  € 69,95
Duvet cover Antwerp Lots of Kisses
Duvet cover Antwerp Lots of Kisses Item no. 1015/40-067
  € 69,95
Duvet cover Greenwich
Duvet cover Greenwich Item no. 1038/40-075
  € 54,95
Carry cot duvet cover Antwerp Blowball
  € 42,50
Carry cot duvet cover Antwerp Lots of Kisses
  € 42,50


Sheet Falling Stars
Sheet Falling Stars Item no. 1033/41-021
  € 27,50
Sheet Sweet Bow
Sheet Sweet Bow Item no. 1033/41-020
  € 27,50
Sheet for cot Feather
Sheet for cot Feather Item no. 1033/41-153
  € 32,50
Sheet for cot Stars
Sheet for cot Stars Item no. 1033/41-129
  € 32,50
Sheet for bassinet Feather
Sheet for bassinet Feather Item no. 1033/41-053
  € 27,50
Sheet Plain
Sheet Plain Item no. 1033/41-030
  € 17,50
Sheet for bassinet Stars
Sheet for bassinet Stars Item no. 1033/41-029
  € 27,50
Sheet at Home
Sheet at Home Item no. 1033/41-023
  € 27,50
Sheet Sweet heart
Sheet Sweet heart Item no. 1033/41-022
  € 27,50
Fitted sheet Sleep Tight
Fitted sheet Sleep Tight Item no. 1004/41-500
  € 12,95
Sheet For You
Sheet For You Item no. 1038/41-070
  € 25,95
Sheet Lots of Kisses
Sheet Lots of Kisses Item no. 1032/41-015
  € 28,50


Children sleep a lot to grow and develop. That’s why you want your child to be as comfortable as possible while they’re in bed. Koeka understands this and therefore designs bedding products of high quality from the loveliest fabrics. With Koeka’s bedding collection you’re able to mix-and-match endlessly. In designing products Koeka aims to make sure everything can be combined. Give your baby’s or kids’ bed a complete look with the Koeka bedding items. 

Nursery inspiration

Once you’ve decided which items you will use in your child’s bed it’s time to look at the rest of the nursery or kids’ room. Aside from bedding products Koeka also developed a wide variety of nursery accessories. For example lighting, small storage solutions, a bath and a changing mat. Let Koeka help you find the perfect items for your nursery. 

Essential bedding products

To make sure your baby has a great night’s sleep it’s important to find the right bedding items. Koeka offers a wide range of bedding products. From breathable cotton duvet covers, to warm cozy blankets and adorable sheets. Everything for a lovely looking and feeling bed. When matched with other nursery items the room will have a real the total look.