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2-Piece cot blanket waffle Amsterdam

  € 74,95
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white/ silver grey (nr. 100/600)
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The Amsterdam cot blanket is a 2-piece blanket made out of waffle fabric. The two layers are held together by push buttons so the layers can be separated. This gives you the opportunity to choose for either an airy, thinner blanket or a wamer, thicker blanket. Kids love to play with this blanket because they can crawl between the two layers. As well as being perfect for a bed, the blanket doubles as a throw for over the back of a living room sofa. It's a great way to brigthen up your decor - or, for a real style statement. Why not try layering a number of blankets on a bed for a stylish effect? Combine this blanket with the cushion cover Oslo for the complete look.

Tip: By fastening the two layers next to each other, instead of on top of each other, a larger blanket is created. 

Dimensions: 100x150 cm 
Waffle weave fabric composition: 100% cotton
Also supplied: Spare snap fasteners
TOG rating: 0,8 (See the TOG rating overview to get information about the warmth of the blanket.)

Care instructions: Machine wash, do not hand-wash or use delicates or wool programmes for Koeka products unless stated on the care label and do not soak. Do not tumble dry. 
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