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Koeka Embroidery

Embroider your child's name on one of the selected Koeka items.
Did you just give birth, or would you like to surprise new parents with a personal present? Why not make use of our embroidery service! From now on you have the possibility to embroider several Koeka products with a name, a lovely icon, and possibly a date. It makes an unforgettable and unique present for your child and for proud parents.

Koeka embroidery items

20 product(s) found
Baby bathrobe Lyon
Baby bathrobe Lyon Item no. 1014/50-007
  € 29,95
Baby bathrobe Venice
Baby bathrobe Venice Item no. 1012/50-005
  € 37,50
Bath poncho Venice
Bath poncho Venice Item no. 1012/50-006
  € 24,95
Bathrobe with zipper Venice
Bathrobe with zipper Venice Item no. 1012/50-003
  € 42,50
Sheet Plain
Sheet Plain Item no. 1033/41-030
  € 17,50
Pacifier cloth Rome
Pacifier cloth Rome Item no. 1012/10-007
  € 8,50
Small bib Antwerp
Small bib Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-111
  € 14,95
Small bib Venice
Small bib Venice Item no. 1012/10-117
  € 8,95
Bib Rome
Bib Rome Item no. 1012/10-010
  € 9,95
Bib with sleeve Venice
Bib with sleeve Venice Item no. 1012/10-016
  € 17,95
Burp cloth Rome
Burp cloth Rome Item no. 1012/10-014
  € 8,95
Wrap towel newborn Venice
Wrap towel newborn Venice Item no. 1012/10-013
  € 22,50
Hooded bath towel Rome
Hooded bath towel Rome Item no. 1012/10-012
  € 23,50
Hooded bath towel Rome XL
Hooded bath towel Rome XL Item no. 1012/10-019
  € 29,95
Baby wrap towel Elba Tape
Baby wrap towel Elba Tape Item no. 1056/10-028
  € 49,95
Baby wrap towel Elba Lace
Baby wrap towel Elba Lace Item no. 1056/10-024
  € 49,95
Baby wrap towel Antwerp
Baby wrap towel Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-011
  € 37,50
Bath towel & washcloth Lyon
Bath towel & washcloth Lyon Item no. 1014/10-512
  € 27,50
Tuttle Hug-a-Bou
Tuttle Hug-a-Bou Item no. 1015/85-607
  € 17,50
Tuttle Hug-a-Lou
Tuttle Hug-a-Lou Item no. 1015/85-606
  € 17,50
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Embroidery conditions

We offer you the possibility to personalize your products by using our embroidery services.
When personalizing your product, please keep in mind:

  • Personalized products cannot be returned. We advise you to check the spelling of the name, and possibly the date, thoroughly before purchase.
  • There is the possibility, an embroidered product will be delivered slightly later than usual. Delivery time of embroidered products can be up to a maximum of 14 days.
  • We try to make the embroidered example on the website look as accurate as possible. However, the definitive embroidered product can deviate slightly from the example.
  • Make sure to follow the care instructions when washing the product.
  • Personalisation by embroidery is only possible on a select group of products.
  • The name to be embroidered on the products can be up to a maximum of 8 characters.
  • Would you like to personalize another product? Or embroider a text that is longer than 8 characters?
    Please send an e-mail with your request to info@koekawebshop.com
  • Organizations who would like to use this service can e-mail their specific wishes to info@koekawebshop.com.