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Baby & Kids
Baby & Kids
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Taking care

Koeka baby care

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Rug Como
Rug Como Item no. 1008/45-002
  € 34,95
Antwerp Pacifier pouch
Antwerp Pacifier pouch Item no. 1015/10-034
  € 9,95
Baby bathrobe Lyon
Baby bathrobe Lyon Item no. 1014/50-007
  € 29,95
Baby bathrobe Venice
Baby bathrobe Venice Item no. 1012/50-005
  € 37,50
Wash bag Antwerp
Wash bag Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-035
  € 32,50
Baby wipes cover Elba
Baby wipes cover Elba Item no. 1056/10-033
  € 34,95
Baby warmer cover Amsterdam (Zensy)
  € 18,95
Baby wipes cover Antwerp
Baby wipes cover Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-032
  € 27,50
Pacifier cord waffle Oslo
Pacifier cord waffle Oslo Item no. 1015/10-109
  € 15,95
Pacifier cloth waffle Oslo
Pacifier cloth waffle Oslo Item no. 1015/10-108
  € 14,95
Pacifier cloth Rome
Pacifier cloth Rome Item no. 1012/10-007
  € 8,50
Small bib Antwerp
Small bib Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-111
  € 14,95
Small bib Venice
Small bib Venice Item no. 1012/10-117
  € 8,95
Bib Rome
Bib Rome Item no. 1012/10-010
  € 9,95
Seat cover nursing pillow Amsterdam
  € 44,95
Nursing pillow cover Amsterdam
Nursing pillow cover Amsterdam Item no. 1015/11-027
  € 69,95
Bib with sleeve Venice
Bib with sleeve Venice Item no. 1012/10-016
  € 17,95
Burp cloth Rome
Burp cloth Rome Item no. 1012/10-014
  € 8,95
Wrapper Oslo
Wrapper Oslo Item no. 1015/10-116
  € 57,50
Wrapper Antwerp
Wrapper Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-115
  € 49,95
Wrap towel newborn Venice
Wrap towel newborn Venice Item no. 1012/10-013
  € 22,50
Wrap towel Venice
Wrap towel Venice Item no. 1012/10-001
  € 24,95
Hooded bath towel Rome
Hooded bath towel Rome Item no. 1012/10-012
  € 23,50
Hooded bath towel Rome XL
Hooded bath towel Rome XL Item no. 1012/10-019
  € 29,95
Changing mat cover Elba
Changing mat cover Elba Item no. 1056/10-058
  € 44,95
Baby wrap towel Elba Tape
Baby wrap towel Elba Tape Item no. 1056/10-028
  € 49,95
Baby wrap towel Elba Lace
Baby wrap towel Elba Lace Item no. 1056/10-024
  € 49,95
Baby wrap towel Antwerp
Baby wrap towel Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-011
  € 37,50
Bath towel & washcloth Lyon
Bath towel & washcloth Lyon Item no. 1014/10-512
  € 27,50
Washcloth Rome
Washcloth Rome Item no. 1012/10-015
  € 7,50
Hot water bottle cover Antwerp
Hot water bottle cover Antwerp Item no. 1015/10-203
  € 17,50
Changing mat 'Time to Change'
  € 32,50
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Everything for taking care of your baby

Caring for your baby is a large and very important part of parenthood. You want your baby to always feel comfortable and familiar while sleeping, changing, bathing, eating, and so on. That’s why we create high quality products that are safe and useful. We also believe in personal style, which is why our products are available in a wide variety of lovely designs and colours. All to make taking care of your baby as enjoyable as possible.

Essential baby care products

Many items are essential in taking care of your baby. For example machine washable changing mat covers that provide a soft surface for your baby to lay on while protecting the changing mat itself. Or protective hot bottle covers that can be used when pre-warming your baby’s bed before nap-time. Adjustable bibs can come in handy during messy feeding moments to keep your baby clean. And burp cloths will keep you clean afterwards!

Nursing pillow covers & wrap towels

To position your baby perfectly during mealtime you might use a nursing pillow. To protect the pillow and to give it a stylish look we’ve designed soft waffle nursing pillow covers for the ultimate comfort for you and your baby. After taking a nice warm bath our cozy wrap towels will keep your baby dry and comfortable.